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when i first heard about this flim i wasn't really really looking forward to it much but as little clips of the movie nd the traliers come out i can't wait to see it now it'll probably be better than i think it will actually, with the good reviews its getting and also they proably had to modernise it for the people viewing it yes the older people watching it might get it but a lot of the young teens that watch might find it to boring if it was done differently though so i understand why it might have modern dialogue.

As for the Duke of Devonshire beening horrible to the Duchess this is kinda a bio pic so maybe thats why the duke was horrible to the duchess a lot they proably got it from the book they basted the script on and woman didn't have many rights back then so men really was in control

but anyway i hope i really like it i loved edge of love and couldn't wait to see it but this i wasn't as much untill i was traliers and clips of it and the good reviews so i hope i come out of the cinema quite happy loving it more than i did.
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