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I Got One!!!

So, I'm in the store with my Mom this morning, and when we were in the checkout line, I got really bored. As I always do, I picked up the tabloids and started reading, I usually look for Kirstie Alley's current weight, which goes up more each week. This week she is 307 lbs. Wow!

I continue to flip through the magazine, and I saw a picture of Keira. It is from the P&P film site.

The picture shows Keira with nearly her entire fist lodged in her mouth while laying on the ground in some type of meadow.

The caption read "Say what you will about King Arthur cutie Keira Knightley, but at least she didn't put her foot in her mouth."

I was very excited to see this, and I was about to purchase the publication. I then realized that I didn't want to be seen buying that crap. If anyone wants to buy that rag and post the pic, that would be nice.

It appears in the current issue of GLOBE. On the cover it has a picture of an old lady with red hair and Kirstie Alley.

It is located near the front of the magazine on a page with other celebrities doing odd things.
It's been awhile...

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