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Originally Posted by Hollysince1985 View Post
I think it's time to go Boston Tea party up in here.

You should not have to apologize to these humorless, deluded, and narcissistic twats. If they can't take the heat, they should get the fuck out of the forum.

Calling Mijo a cunt because he is talented at stressing a point is completely uncalled for. His gifted way with words and grammar really shake up this place, and not to mention, he adds the spice to this bland party dip of Keira loving.
I think you'll find that the moderators and admins (i.e. Mandy) make the rules, whether they agree with your constitution or not. As the Zeus of KKW, Barrington, puts it:

"5. Respect the decisions and recommendations of the forum leaders. Their response to antisocial behavior is discretionary yet fair. We don’t encounter much trouble here but heeding their advice is always wise. If you disagree then you are welcome to start your own forum elsewhere."

In other words, if you can't stand the humourless, deluded and narcissistic twats, you are more than welcome to start your own KKW elsewhere.
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