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That person signed up roughly sixteen thousand times, and we banned almost all of his usernames. One might have slipped the radar. The kid was mentally unstable to an extent rarely seen before. A bitter little Russian kid.

We do tend to take serious action concerning the mocking of events that have cost many lives, but it should be pointed out that that's not just American lives and that's why comments about the Middle East are frowned up on just as much. We've also had people use Osama's mug as an avatar, and that didn't fly either. As per the forum rules, this is not a democracy, though, much less a place to try out the tu quoque argument.

We all know there are bitter people out there who feel like this. I don't think Iraq has done the West any favours in that respect. Rather than being huffy and banning them straight off, why not engage them in a discussion and show them how wrong they are? An international forum is one place where they'll find that not just Americans, but people from all over the world think he's an idiot.

Andrey92 is long gone and this is dragging up trouble. Let's just keep it burried, shall we? It's interesting to see that you didn't take offence from the other comments the tool made, though.
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