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Was this reprimanded?

I found this while perusing the To Be or Not To Be thread here in the general discussion forum:

Originally Posted by andrey92 View Post
And I hope that Osamas first thing on his list is to do 11september again. I like that day, it was ww2 in USA. how feel you when someone kills your peoples? nice feeling, or isnt?
As you can read this comment is grossly offensive. And that's without taking into account the pathetic illiteracy of the person who posted it.

While I'm all about voicing one's opinion, I am also about fairness.

If I had to be scolded b.c of my insensitive and thoughtless comments on the Middle East, even after apologizing for them in the Newcomers forum, this ass should have been banned. Was he/she?

Does anyone know?


If you indulge in hypocrisy, then have the guts to wear that shit like armor.
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