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Originally Posted by Mijo View Post
I'm a snob and a cunt--I'll tone it down then.

I think it's time to go Boston Tea party up in here.

You should not have to apologize to these humorless, deluded, and narcissistic twats. If they can't take the heat, they should get the fuck out of the forum.

Calling Mijo a cunt because he is talented at stressing a point is completely uncalled for. His gifted way with words and grammar really shake up this place, and not to mention, he adds the spice to this bland party dip of Keira loving.

And spare me the private note about censorship. I'm a US Constitution die-hard and I practice my rights passionately. If you really want to be helpful, then turn the sirens off. Policing the forums really turns this place into a dreadfully boring and creativity stifling cyberHELL.

Fuck da police!

I understand that we're all unhappy, portly overeaters with no social life outside of the KKW, but we shouldn't be taking our frustrations out on one another. Unite--or go eat a Twinkie!

May peace be restored.
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