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I can't believe you think 'jerk' is worse than 'cunt.' I didn't apologize because I don't think what I said to Leonie was all that offensive--seeing as how it was said in jest. However, I was stung by Mandy's comment--I believe she was just tired of my antagonism in general...and for that, I apologize.

FYI-Leonie called me a snob because I asked MVP for his educational credentials, and that does make me a bit of snob--but really, I'm glad I did ask him, because I'd rather not read movie reviews written by someone who took "a couple of film studies courses to get an easy 'A.'" The wording alone shows a lack of appreciation for the artistic medium. Furthermore, his rhetoric about film criticism from an educated stand point lacking in 'common sense' is completely flawed--I'm not going to take the opinion of a 5 year old that Delacroix was a better painter than Monet, simply because her opinion seems to be common sense. At this point, I don't mean to attack MVP personally, but my opinion, from the 3 reviews I've read, is that his reviews are not common sense, they are simply common; and furthermore, they are more a disgorgement of plot than a criticism.

I began being a cunt to him because I genuinely believe he is only here to advertise his blog...and this bores me.

Yes, the 'I don't care' was childish--I behave childishly when bored, so sorry if my childish drunken comment offended you.
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