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Originally Posted by Keira lover View Post
google foot-fetish, see what you get. it is mainly fetishistic stuff, not scholarly, newb.
Wtf are you talking about google for? Wikipedia is not recognized as a legitimate source of information ANYWHERE--hence it is not scholarly or academic--from reading your posts it's pretty clear that you like to show the forum your dazzling intellect... *translation: you like to look shit up on wikipedia and then regurgitate it for us, thus showing us how much of a pompous insecure little boy your are. Please stop.

As far as you having seniority over me, and your referring to me as a "newb," get over it...the day you're promoted to a senior member is the day you'll have seniority over me.

With that said--stop trying to show the world how educated/informed you are, because you are actually proving the opposite in the process. Heed my advice on this and you and I will get along fine...
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