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Originally Posted by Mandy View Post
For a long time visitor, you should probably know a little how some of us behave. Most of it is in jest though. It's the way our minds work sometimes, not sure why.
Maybe you missed this when I said it the first time, but I've been a long time vistor to the main site, I've only ventured into the forums in the past few days.

Originally Posted by Mandy View Post
Welcome! I haven't read your reviews yet, but it's possible that I get put off by reading other peoples' sites when they are constantly posting about it.
Understand that, which is why I've limited posting anything about it in this thread, and in the movie thread in the O/T section. I didn't see any issue with posting a link to my review when I'm posting what I recently watched, it adds a little extra for those who might be interested in watching the same film as well.
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