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Originally Posted by Mijo View Post
Tarantino has ADD. I believe he peaked with Pulp Fiction, and knows it...and has been having a good time ever since. Seeing as how I'm also a bit of a scatterbrain, I enjoy his films. Tarantino fans are quirky and most probably don't give a shit about the screw loose in their brains.

<I'm holding up a peace sign>Where were you educated and did you do any film studies courses? I prefer to know whether or not I'm reading the opinions of an informed individual...
I took a couple film classes in college for an easy A and some easy credits for my General Education, but other than that nothing more. I'm not basing my reviews on technical aspects of how a film is made, I'm basing my reviews on bare common sense (hence the name). Movie reviews are for the most part purely opinions, if I was basing them of how the actual movie was made, directed, created, etc, I could see where film education might be important.

Mainly I write my reviews as a creative outlet, I'm relatively decent at it, and have found enjoyment in. Personally I've found reviews written by the average individual, who isn't a professional film critic, to be a lot more informative than Richard Roeper telling me to go watch some incredibly boring independent film. I think sometimes a critics education in film tends to get in the way of what the average viewer is essentially looking for... an enjoyable film. I'll watch the occasional independent movie every once in a while if it strikes my fancy but I mainly watch movies for the enjoyment, not to appreciate them for some technical aspect, which I think the majority of people do as well.

So in a nutshell I breakout what I like and dislike and you make you're own decision about whether it's something you might want to see. It's common sense, a lot of people seem to need to be educated in that, some don't.
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