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Well, hi everyone.
My name's Natalie, I live in Poland. I'm 18 too.
I've seen some Keira movies and found her a very cool person. She's not only beautiful and charming, but also very talented. I think she's simply the best (quoting Tina Turner)!
My favourite films are Trainspotting (as well), Quentin Tarantino's movies and costume films such as Perfume, Sweeney Todd, Pride and Prejudice...
The other actors I really like are Natalie Portman (as well) and Johnny Depp.
When it comes to music, once I was a great fan of Linkin Park, I'm still a member of LPU. But since their last album ( Minutes to Midnight) I'm not listening to their music anymore. It's a total change! For some time I even tried to persuade myself that they're still good. But they aren't. It's no longer good music. It's pure commerce now. Pity
After the LP period I discovered The Doors (oh, Riders of the Storm!), The Police, Dire Straights and bands like that. That's what I find cool now. Really relaxing, trust me!

Gosh, I've written a lot! I hope you haven't fallen asleep while reading!!
Chill out!
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