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Smile 1.30 Train (Rumor)

there has been some rumors going around about keira possible been in some thriller (it says it on the KKW homepage at the side) called 1.30 Train set in NewYork i thought that cause this is the place where we talk about her movies etc... we could well like i said talk about it
are you happy about it? do you hope keira gets the part or agrees to do it? or do you think it might be a rumor and not true.

i personally like the story line a bit it sound plain but thats part of it as it clearly is in "early stages" at the moment if anything at all, but it might be really intersenting like some of those stories that don't have much about them when you discribe what the movie is about (girl tries to get on a train misses it has to spend night around newyork) but actually has lots of things going on in the movie itself,
HOPEFULLY thats what it is like and i think that it might not be one of thoses scary films but a thiller you know non scary thillers (don't know if that sounds right)

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