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brought glamour magazine is good i like the cover on it keira looks nice and good interview and inside pictures i alway like glamour though as its not like those sad gossip mags that make up crap i'll probably buy the other one aswell though to now,
i like the dress shes wearing in Tatler it look nice in a different way but they made her face look different keira looks much prettier with not much make up, some times they over do it like on the elle cover once or in some american issue not long ago.

but isn't she going to be on the U.S version of vogue in september i read that some wear has anyone esle heard about it or seen pictures/knows when is come out. don't know about america but in egland monthly magazines come out half way in the month before is should be (like the new glamour mag its the september issue but is already out now, in august)
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