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Originally Posted by impairedgirl View Post
The only thing they have that is remotely similar is the nose...their eyes are entirely different, bucko.

Different colors and different shapes...Natalie Portman's eyes are extremely middle eastern in shape--her eyes are a closer match to Queen Rania's(who is ethnically Palestinian)...Keira Knightley's, the set on top, are heavily lidded and this a trait common among those of Spanish descent, and I believe I read somewhere that Keira's mother is 'black' Scottish and claims to be the descendant of castaways of the Spanish Armada...if you don't believe me just look at pics of Penelope Cruz and Queen Rania and you'll see that NatPo's are similar to QR's and KK's are similar to PC's.'re entitled to your opinion, but having grown up in the ethnic melting pot that is the Bay Area CA, I can tell you that people of entirely different descent do not resemble one another if you are really looking closely.
Keira's Mother is Scottish and Welsh, her father is English. I was referring to the eye color when they are seen in the right light. Either way, give me a break, I don't where glasses for the fashion sense, though.
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