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Originally Posted by michael22 View Post
English are mostly of Saxon/Germanic decent with some norman thrown in. Irish are almost all Goidelic Celtic. Your point would have been made better if you used Scotland because the Islanders at least have Norse ancestry.

My post was not about genetic similarities between the English and others, I was comparing Leonie's comments about the Palestine-Israeli conflict with the English-Irish conflict. Second, I do not make post based on things that i have not researched, and I have researched this.

Third, I wanted to use a high-profile conflict that was recent enough to be remembered by people born within the last 50 years, such as the Troubles.

Fourthly, my point is that genetics appear to not mean much, as the history of the Irish and English, despite their genetic similarities, are different yet undeniable tied together. Their is no Irish History if not for English History. I would not be here, ironically, if not for the potato famine.
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