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Originally Posted by impairedgirl View Post
No one uses homogeneous to describe a person, other than the creator of this thread...but if you want to get back to the topic proposed for discussion...her roles aren't homogeneous-I saw absolutely no similarities between Lizzie Bennett and Cecelia Talis--just as I suspect there is no similarity between Lizzie Bennett and her character in The Duchess. The fact that none of the films are set in contemporary times does not mean she's playing the same roles over and over.
I think, somehow, the author of this thread thinks because she has been in many period pieces to be playing the same character in each, despite the fact that her movies have taken place in the 18th century, the 1930s-40s, the 19th century, and will be taking part in movies that take place in the 15 hundreds. Not to mention, many of her films were set in this century.
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