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Originally Posted by Leonie View Post
There isn't any way to get things to Keira without the interferance of her agent, I'm afraid.

This is the right place for questions like yours though
hi, Leonie, or is it Elle? Well, I'm going with Elle, 'cause as I've wandered through this thread, you've been SO sweet and helpful 2 people U FEEL like a friend! And THAT'S GOOD! Yes, I'm a newbie, but NOT weird(the last time I checked). I'm NOT going 2 ask the same stupid questions, because they've ALL been answered, in part, because of your kindness 2 all. THANK U IMMENSLY! I am 1/2 English myself, may visit london sometime, but I think I'm going 2 Amsterdam first. Priorities, and the like. Digital Ice your the man 2, lets keep this a great place to chat, and let's hope Keira teams up with more fine actors(Depp), makes good choices, 4 more great movies in the future. Clearly she is a beauty, and CHEERS 2 her 4 NO photo enhancement of breasts! Way to go, girl! An article on this present subject came 2 light recently, that's how I stumbled(THANKFULLY)upon this site! Take care. Dale

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