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that was a long post but on keira saide i like the fact shes famous for her acting not other things Sienna Miller isd the same yes she is in the media a lot now but she and her married man says he sparated from his wife before getting together with sienna and actually i would belive those too over website blogs or papers which alway make bull up
but keira is still qute famous shes the second highest paid actress behind cameron daiz last year and the only non american on the forbes list so she must be a bit popluar for ''forbes'' to put her on there list which they do a yearly celeb rich list

i couldn't care if she doesn't get as much media atention as others i would much like her to get media overs only when she has like movies or done something well in her carrer not saying cap about her personal life coz it really no one esle buiness britian should be proud that we have a big hollywood star thats from are country
we don't get many all we have are big brother "stars" or other socialites that aren't really famous for the work they do at all the bestwe have don't get that much attention at all, are magazines are covered with 'peaches galdolf' 'Daisy Lowe' or 'Kimberly stewert' who are only famous because of there families or the cheep sad pubicitly stunts they do yet they are treated like they do something for a living and are 'A listers' people like keira are slated or not talked about ever yet those other "stars" are prasied just for going to a celeb party and getting drunk the british version of nicole riche, rumor willis etc...
atlease keira keeps that stuff as part of her private life away from work which for others THAT IS WORK
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