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Oh God, where do I START?!


I. Love. Mcavoy. He's the only thing that kept me watching this movie. Jolie bored me to death. She was dull and extremely stereotypical of herself. It was interesting to see Morgan Freeman play the bad guy.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
"I don't think you should be putting your "p" in a "v" right now."
"I just wanna "b" my "l" on some "t's."

Possibly the best lines in a movie ever. Still not as hilarious to me as the 40 year old virgin but it didn't disappoint. Russell Brand was decent.

Be Kind Rewind
I was expecting this movie to be really lame since I have issues with Jack Black but I wholeheartedly liked it. Watching them spoof Ghostbusters was beyond funny.

The Dark Knight
Got to see it the day it came out. By far the best Batman movie ever thought of in history. It's going to break all sorts of records. GO SEE IT.

The Babysitters
Not really sure when this came out or if it even came out in theaters. It was possibly an independent film that only came out in certain places. Anyway, it's basically about a babysitter who starts taking money for sex while she's being driven home by the husband/father. It later on becomes a normal service and she gets her friends in on it. It was semi-interesting!
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