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Originally Posted by keiraRules View Post
okay keira was born on 26th March 1985 the moive was relased in april 2001 that made keria 15 right my maths is crap but does that mean in 2001 she turned 16 or 15 and was 14 at time of filming or what(FYI i failed maths at school)

i don't think its a big deal 16 is the legal age to have sex in britian and kids younger are already doing stuff so the scene made the film more "real life" so it doesn't bother me
but i just feel sooo sorry for Miley Cyrus who gets slatted very very unfairly just for showing her back or tummy in some off her own personal pics that someone stole from her. and vanssea Hudgens posed full nude Vag**a and EVERYTHING also at 15 why can't she get the same treatment its unfair when all kids are like that at that age.
anyone esle feel the media are been totally unfairly to miley
P.S love this movie good acting from keira prove she can act not just in old style dramas
the movie was made when she was like 15, but they deferred release another year, with the consent and approval of her parents. had they not agreed, it would not have been released.
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