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Originally Posted by Leonie View Post
It's a difficult situation because there's no real right and wrong side. It's action and re-action, and the saddest thing is that, for the most part, the Isrealis and Palestines are genetically closely related. It seems such a waste of life to spend it killing your family (and that goes for both sides).

The baby shield thing, as disgusting as it is, seems born out of powerlessness. Palestine don't really have the power to set up a wall/fence type of arrangement, or march an army of tanks, so they use whatever they can think of. It's terribly sad.

Unless people realise that neither side is solely to blame, I'm afraid this is going to carry on for a long, long time. The Israeli government call it military operations, Palestine doesn't have such luxury, and resorts to guerilla-style warfare. Doesn't matter how you do it or what you call it, it's still war.
well, the English and Irish, genetically share the same origins, yet the two groups have had a longer lasting violent dispute than those between the Israelis and Palestineans.
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