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this is great news
the film looks like its going to be BIG great cast looks like this must be popular in the film buisness to get all the lead female characters played by oscar nomitied/winning actresses its a very star studded cast and they said you would see some other big name stars in the flim playing smaller parts
keira would be VERY VERY VERY!!! stuiped not to do this film

yes she does old films but there not all the same there all in different time periods others actresses that don't do time periods films are ALWAYS doing flim in nowadays time ALWAYS THE SAME how come you never morn at them atlease keira changes to different years in each her films which some never do yet people don't morn at them at all, Cameron Daiz ALWAYS do the same Rom-Coms films how come she doesn't get slatted for it.
its not about keira always doing old films its about how good of a script it is when she gets offered one if keira turned this down it would be the biggest mistake shes made cause with the big cast like this she would've been easierly replaced and for what? so she can look at other films that are nowadays times yes, and are a totally crappy lame script,

Kate Winslet got the same thing when she was keira's age she always did old time films but then she came across a great script called "Eternal Sunshine of the spotlessmind" and really wanted to be apart of the great film she got the part and a oscar nomition (should've won really hillary swank wasn't as good as kate in her film) and now dictors can see kates great in a wide range of films and offer her parts in nowadays movies that are also great films too. i think that might happen to keira one day
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