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I saw Murray against Haas the other day, which was quite a good match, mostly because both of them were actually trying to come to the net a bit. Haven't seen much else. I lost interest now that Wimbledon has become a place for baseline bashing too. I can't stand Nadal, so I'm hoping he doesn't win.

I just looked at the Wimbledon website, and Safin is still in! And he's doing well! I kind of hope he'll give Nadal the trashing of his life. Provided he's fit, he's well able. He's got the strength that Nadal has, possible more of it, and he's a clever player. It'd be nice for him to actually win something again, instead of being plagued by injury (*touches wood*).

Also, as un-feminist as this may be, I hate women's tennis. It is even more boring than the men's matches. Pretty much, whoever looks like they drank the most steroids for breakfast is going to win. It's got very little to do with technique anymore.
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