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Interesting y'all pick the same weekend as my family reunion. We hold what we have named the "Pig Pickin' " each summer. This year on cousin's farm in Yoakum, Texas on Sat.-Sun 8/16-8/17. We roast a large 200-300lb hog: start w/ beer dinking Saturday as soon a we show up, start fire for hog around sunset, place hog on fire after dark, drink more beer, sing songs around campfire, more beer, flip the pig over & pick it's ribs that are done about 3AM...hence event named " Pig Pickin' ", shoot guns, cook the other side, tell tall tales, mmm beer. The few who are sober may attend mass Sunday morning. Then lunch is served smetime Sunday afternoon, hugs, kisses...See y'all back next year.
If any of you will be in South Texas that weekend, you're welcome to attend. PM me for directions, etc. Warning: first-time guests are requested to kiss the pig, before we put it on the fire. { Go figure: Red-neck tradition. }

Bon appetite!
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