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Originally Posted by keiraRules View Post
okay paper make up sh*t and i hope this isn't true but read this

well firstly ii can say keira is the face of 'Coco Mademoiselle' not 'coco chanel' coco chanel is another chanel perfume and its not as nice it smells like nail vanish so they need the check there facts and also if she is replacing her emma might be good looking but is no were as famous, keira will have a long hollywood carrer and a bet sheíll win an oscar one day or atlease get nomited agian but after the harry potter flims emma will be no one i donít see her acting agian in other movies as she isnít that great of an actress you can really tell that in the harry potter films

looking good isnít anough to be the face of a chanel perfume you need more its like Audrey Tautou beening the face of chanel No5 shes sh*t really pretty but not good enough to model it as she isn't really famous enough for a legendy perfume like that its just cause she's staring in the new chanel film.
I didnít think nicole was that good but she was wayyyyyyyyyyy better chanel needs to wake up if they want people to pay for there things it might start to go down hill now with all the sh*tty ads, and also keira hasnít been the face for that long its not fair they didnít show the ads untill ages she sign a THREE YEAR contract but they only advertised it for two years thats unfair and they should wait a bit i really think keira will get award nomitions for the edge of love and will get lots of credit and chanel will realised they made a misstake time then keira will be doing way better things
Ok, first of all, you can't call Audrey Tautou an "up and coming" actress. She's been around for a fair bit of time, and is well known. Just because she doesn't live in L.A and has mainly worked on films with european origin doesn't make her lesser of an artist, or less appropriate to appear as the face of a perfume. She has more talent than half of Hollywood's bleached blondes who make the headlines for every crappy relationship or crappy movie of theirs.

Secondly, Chanel can do whatever the hell it wants. It's Chanel.
It won't go bankrupt just because they don't choose whom you think should be the right face of their perfume.

And thirdly, punctuation never killed anyone, as far as I know. Don't be afraid of the little dots, they're there to help.
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