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its still a rumor but and yes adurey did the best film version but i see why keira is been asked if she wants to play her as i really don't see anyone esle better keira can do great accents and her natural accent is already posh and not only that she has the same body and same eyebrows.

Its sad that hollywood can't think of new ideas but if they are going to do a remake keira is the only one that will do a quite good job of this and if she is in ''talks'' i think keira should make sure she gets good money for it adurey is still well known as people might not like keira even though i think she will be the best even more know that people are saying she won't be as good.
Remeber "Pride & Prejudice" was a remake of a 1940s film and keira was the one nomited for an oscar not the other girl who played the part (yes she was nomited that year 1940 for a different movie)
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