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Originally Posted by Porcelain_Doll View Post
and I'm reading Jorge Luis Borges' famed "The Aleph". Very confusing style, over and over you keep finding sentences that seem like pure nonsense when parted word by word but actually mean something, or many things. Really strong.
Borges is amazing...I read a couple of his short stories in a literature class I was taking (I think from the Aleph) and really liked them. I was glad to have read them in an atmosphere where we were able to discuss because like you said, there are so many meanings to his work.

I just got into the author Christopher Buckley. For those amused by american politics, his books are simply hilarious. The first one I read was "Boomsday", which presents an hilarious solution to the Social Security crisis. Now I know what books I'm taking on my trip with me.
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