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Glengarry Glen Ross
Interesting piece of cinema. The dialogue is often delivered with such a rapid-fire delivery, it's hard to keep up with. It was originally written as a stage play by David Mamet, and that is quite evident from the limited number of locations. Most of it takes place in an office and a restaurant.
The story is about the pressure four real estate salesmen are put under by a sales contest in the office. First place wins a Cadillac. Second place gets a set of steak knives. Third place gets fired. The ensemble cast of Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, Ed Harris and Alan Arkin play the salesmen. Kevin Spacey is the office manager and Alec Baldwin does a fantastic job as the really successful salesman from another office who is sent in to "motivate" them. His "motivational speech" leads two of the men to break into the office and steal the "good" leads, which sets in motion a chain of events that prove their undoing.
Also, look for Elizabeth Swann's (Jonathan Pryce) father in a small, though pivotal role.
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