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Originally Posted by Leonie
I had gone clean. But apparantly you miss my avatar making business, because I've had a PM avatar request and this one already (this is NOT an invite for all of you in need of an avatar to start sending me PMs ).

The thing is - I'm busy these days. And I'll be off in a week or so, won't be back till August, so the little time I have on the internet, I generally like to spend doing stuff I *like* doing. I don't mind making avatars, when I'm at school, being bored, not going to class and such, but I've graduated now, am working my arse off and am not that bored.

I'll tell you what - if you post a pic from the Vogue shoot here, I'll make you an avatar, and that will be the end of my avatar making days, k?
ok, and than i am allways around to take it over from Leonie... but first... give her, her last 'making an avatar' and then we drink on it.
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