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yea there posters of the movie with Audrey Tautou i think she'll be better as shes french an it might be spoken in french etc...
but people say shes going to be the face of chanel No5 perfume Sorry but i don't think she should yes she'll be great in the movie but only big stars only really should be the face of a big famous perfume like Chanel No5 marliyn monroe was once the face and i don't think she'll be right for it maybe for the 'Coco Chanel' perfume (not Coco Mademoiselle thats the one keira does) but that other one. Chanel No5 should only be faced buy big famous hollywood icons (like Nicole was at the time she was asked) not up and coming actresses, keira would be better but shes already the face of Coco Mademoiselle so that might be why she isn't.
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