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Very few films make me teary-eyed. However, the films that really move me on an emotional level are listed below. And I don't believe I've ever full on sobbed at a film before.

Schindler's List (1993) -- What can I say? The scenes in this film... the film in its entirety... intense... moving from start to finish.
The Pianist (2002) -- Same feeling as above.
Das Boot (1981) -- The ending in particular. It is really quite something for anybody who hasn't seen this film.
The Elephant Man (1980) -- Again, the ending. And it's a great movie overall.
Gallipoli (1981) -- I already expressed on this forum my love for this film. It is a good movie, and again, the ending.
On The Beach (1959) -- It's basically an "end of the world" kind of movie. But it's effective, more than today's can ever do.
Titanic (1997) -- Leave me alone, alright! I can't help myself.
The Diary of Anne Frank (1959) -- I think this was my very first masterpiece I had ever seen when I started watching the TCM network. Everything about it, every department, was just perfect.
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