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saddest film i ever seen for me was armageddon. i was small and i dont knew anithyng about that how do actors when they death i film. i really think that bruce is death and i cried for many days.
2nd place for me i think was atonement. no, i dont cry, i was too shocked and wery sad. i really was so sad. and saddest scene for me was than, when i saw that water who runs in to tube where was thoese peoples. together with dramatically music it was just herthbreaker piece. i cry only in second time, when i understood what happened, because at first i just looking in shock.
3rd place was bravehearth. good film, and saddest episode was than, when he, some moments before death strts crying - freedom. full with heroism and sad, i really cryed at this moment.
4th place was finding nemo. it looks like normal animation film, but in reality it was film about wery hard and real love and parents - childrens relationships. expecially sad was films start episode when mother fish death.
5th was like always titanic. when i saw film i just enjoy specefects and no many emotions, but after when i start understood reality, this big tragedy, i start felt really sad.
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