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I'm impressed that this thread is alive.

Originally Posted by hasselbrad View Post
Star Wars - Episode I
Science Fiction... decoy for an aristocrat in a galaxy far, far away.

Princess of Thieves
Medieval Period Piece... she played Robin Hood's daughter. Admittedly, this is somewhat similar to the role she played in King Arthur, but much less intense.

Dr. Zhivago
Early 20th Century Period Piece... she played Lara Antipov. No swordfights... just a heartbreaking reprisal of the role made famous by Julie Christie.

Modern... she played a heroin addicted waitress (prostitute).

The Hole
Modern... she played a snotty rich girl with an eating disorder.

Bend it Like Beckham
Modern... she played a football obsessed teenage tomboy. You might even call it a romantic comedy. It was funny and had romance.

Love Actually
Modern... Juliet in an ensemble romantic comedy.

Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy
18th Century Fantasy/Period Piece... Elizabeth Swann x 3. Swashbuckling and devious 18th century female.

King Arthur
Medieval Period piece... Guinevere. The most unique portrayal of this character to date.

Pride & Prejudice
18th Century Period Piece... played Elizabeth Bennet. 18th century female, minus the swashbuckling and devious nature. Unerringly forthright.

Modern... Domino Harvey. Badass 21st century female bounty hunter.

The Jacket
Modern... Alcoholic waitress... but American.

19th Century Period Piece... jilted French wife.

Mid 20th Century Period Piece... Cecilia Tallis... star-crossed lover in the leadup to WWII.

The Duchess
18th Century Period Piece... she plays an aristocrat with decadent tastes... both material and sexual.

The Edge of Love
Mid 20th Century Period Piece... she plays a hedonistic woman in a love triangle with a famed poet.

That looks like a pretty broad cross-section to me.

Her medieval characters were about as different as night and day. One was the innocent, yet fiesty daughter of the legendary Robin Hood. The other was a savage warrior in the middle of a love triangle.

Likewise, her 18th Century and WWII era characters run the gamut. Each one, even though they are from the same time period, is unique in its back story and motivation.

As I mentioned previously, her ability allows her to play roles with greater depth to them. These roles tend to be on the more serious side. I'd rather her be typecast in these kind of roles than to be typecast like a Lindsay Lohan or Ashley Judd.

The latter is an example of someone who has played the same role over and over. She always seems to play a damsel in distress in bad thrillers.
great post, Brad

Originally Posted by andrey92 View Post
of course, absolutely change mimic is not real, but some actors have some roles, which comes with him and asociates with that person in every film. maybe you are watching very grandiosly russian tv serial about knaz time "poor nastya"? so, that nastya, whose are firt actress in this film plays very excellent, but vhen i saw her in some other films, she do everything like in that serial, and all the time i can imagine just nastya, not her new role. So, i think keira havent so big problems, but sometimes i have some asociations with other roles, and thats bad for actors level.
How can you compare Korikovy with Keira. Korikova is a very beautiful woman but is she an actress??? ...No!!!
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