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i've read the reviews and they said keira was the best acting wise they said that the script wasn't the best and was weak (to be fair this is keira's mum's first film, and she was a play wrighter before not a flim writer) but they said keira's singing and welsh accent is very good she plays a supporting role in this movie and i bet she'll be nomited of an oscar for best supporting actress or something like that (i mean if ellen page can get nomited than anyone can) they said that most sences that have keira in are the best in the film, most actresses like reese witherspoon that sing in movies (as well as keira's welsh accent) always get noimations and yes the moive might not be the best or get awards but i bet keira will

and anyone that says keira can't act then they need help they probably never watched Atonement or Pride And Prejudice keira's acting is always good even in the jacket only the scripts aren't the best she really can do different styles of acting like in Pirates, then Atonement, and bend it like beckham all of them were very good i would like to see anyone that disses her acting skills watch them and see if they can get nomited of an oscar and two goldren globes and a bafta award

and sorry but keira is a great actress better than ellen page (she didn't deserve an oscar nom for juno at all just because she played a pregant 16 year old and in amercia were the oscars are done the legal age is 18) amy adams for enchanted or angelina jolie should've got it if keira didn't and keira was great in pirates it wouldn't be the same without her,

sorry for the long message but i hate people that think keira can't act shes better than most (including jessicia alba who if wasn't pretty wouldnt be wear she is) and lindsay lohan (was named worsed actress twice glad she became a druggey and went in rehab) she would've made this film very bad, keira is also better than most oscar winners if they didn't get ugly for the movie they might not have won at all the makeup team were better
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