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Originally Posted by andrey92 View Post
of course you arguments are very strong, of course, lohan and love is the same man in other package, and of course, this is my opinion, and how i can see, are wrong, but there are some part of wright, because every actor or actress are some similar things. just look how moves keiras lips and mouth when she is angry. the same mimic. the same smile. character changes, but mimic and movings cant changed so fast, look at small details, i already show - smiles, mimic, reactions ...
Like Robert DeNiro? There are comedians that make a living off of DeNiro impersonations. Why? Because his mannerisms are prevalent throughout his body of work.
Pretty much every actor has certain mannerisms that you can see in every character they play. Dustin Hoffman... Tom Hanks... Robin Williams... Meryl Streep... Judi Dench. Take a close look and you'll recognize them.
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