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I'm being stalked

buy a 40-50 year old freak who was ban on NP forum. some how he got my email address and is sending be 5-10 emails per day.

i had a dream about him the other day too.

i was at this hospital (or hotel) and i saw him walking in the parking lot, and i said to this woman "u have to hide me i think im being stalked by a stranger. and the woman said "It's ok, run to my car" and then wen we got to the car he broke into it and killed the woman and i ran off... then this blond girl was chasing me and trying to kill me too, then Syd got to her and cut off her legs. then a helicopter came over head and this guy was trying to help me on it, and Syd got on it and made the guy fall and hit his head on this metal thing, and then Syd got a sledge hammer and beat his head with it... and the whole time in the car with the woman i was crying saying "How did he find me? I never reviled my last name, where i lived, or anything!"

I'm freaked out.
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