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What on earth is wrong with wearing leather? Honestly, if we as a society are going to use the meat, I say we owe it to the animal to use as much of its body as we can, so that its death wasn't futile and nothing is wasted.

As for the mulesing - cost-effectively, there was no other way to do it. Farmers out in Australia are *struggling* big time, the drought is killing (almost literally, too - farmer suicide rates are skyrocketing), but we wouldn't want to pay a bit more for our meat, no sir. Farmers have two options: mulesing or letting the sheep suffer. I'd pick mulesing.

I did research Peta a bit, actually. Everything I've said about them is true and factual, I checked myself, not through any anti-Peta website. Sure, Peta does a lot of good, but a lot of rights don't make a wrong OK. Also, if your way of saving an animal is killing it, I think you need to stop and think for a second, and come up with better alternatives. Other organisations in Virginia had no such issues, apparently. It was just Peta. That means they are being hypocrites. As per their logics about Australia, we should boycot Peta as a whole over this issue. Unlike Australia, however, Peta don't even recognise their mistakes; they're too busy galloping on a high horse to make their next poo-pie-slinging appointment. Puh-lease.

You're going to have to bring some factual information if you want to change my mind. Simply saying people who hate Peta are worse than Peta doesn't get you far in my book of rhetorics.
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