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clearly you have never looked into peta well there is a difference to kill animals for fashion or make-up and them putting them down to stop them Suffering, most websites use as there info for that stuff, peta isn't as bad as the people that hate it and if you look in to peta a lot then you couldn't say that at all,
an as for the sheep thing yes leaving maggots in there skin is cruel BUT the way they were doing it was even more cruel cutting skin off etc... sheep feel pain and they felt that two theirs undercover video's to prove it aswell maybe HOW they are doing other ways but not before

be yea i hate anyone that doesn't wear fur but wears leather lots of celebs that pose for peta wear leather that's much worse than people who actually wears fur atlease kiera isn't a hypocrite
i never have told people to stop wearing fur or stop eat meat i think 'Forsing' your belivies on people is wrong people have there own apinions which is why i still love keira she has the righ to eat/wear what ever she likes even if i don't like it doesn't make her evil just having different belivies to me or not knowning the cruelty maybe she does how bescause in resent years i haven't found any picture of her wearin fur yes she might still wear leather but then she still eats meat it's only really bad if you are vegetarian and wear leather.
god i do go on and on very sorry i do ''talk'' to much sorry for spellin mistakes
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