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Originally Posted by Kceni9 View Post
Be more courageous - I can tell to you. I do not know as in China but we in Russia love courageous, persevering guys. Certainly it still depends and on that what type your girl. Operate...!!! -->
We love courageous persevering guys too

You should at least find out what her name is.
If you see her listening to music, just ask what the band is. Same thing if she's reading a book, it starts up a conversation in the easiest way and it shows several things, like that you're a smart guy who cares about culture and learning new things and you're observant (trust me, this is one good quality )

Originally Posted by Leonie View Post
If she always walks alone, she might love to have some company for a change
or she might be shy, too. Like Leonie said, she'd probably like having some company.
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