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PETA are fucking fruitloops. I'd rather drop dead than sign any of their stuff.

There is supporting a cause, then there's crossing several lines of normal behaviour, then there's being a hypocrite, and then there's PETA.

They kill a stupid amount of all animals they 'save'. Fact. Over 97% of the animals they adopted in Virginia in 2006 were killed. They managed to give a grand total of 12 animals a new home. Real heroes, they are.

They also got Pink to proclaim that mulesing Australian sheep is animal cruelty, and that Australia as a whole should be boycotted. Actually, the maggots or whatever they are digging their way into sheep flesh if farmers don't is cruel. Still, Aussie farmers have decided to find an alternative, and they already had before PETA decided to, as Pink put it, 'misinform'. Some farmers decided to edumacate Pink, and she quickly backed down from her call to boycot all Australian wool. Oh, and also Australia as a whole. She realised that was a bit silly.

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