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Originally Posted by rani View Post
hi. please be guided. what is old enough with you? for you to have sex?

is sex for you shall be based on age requirement?

or based on moral ground?

sex is sacred. God's gift for couples.

think young lady.
As the father of a ten year old daughter, I'd like to commend the young lady on not wanting to grow up too fast and have sex. It's kind of scary, but I've read about girls that are thirteen and fourteen years old being looked down at by peers because they can't/won't perform sex acts like porn stars. So, by all means, you decide when it's right for you. Don't let anyone pressure you into it and don't let anyone tell you they know when the time is right. My only tip would be to do it with someone you love (or at least care about) who won't treat you as simply a place to put his penis.

Sex isn't sacred as God's gift to's sacred because it's up to you to decide. If it were some sort of sacred gift from God, we'd be the only species on the planet to pro-create sexually.

As for offense...but a thirty five year old virgin who claims he's madly in love with Keira is kind of like a docent who's never been through the museum.
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