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Well, I first wrote to Keira in November 2003 and received back three autographs inscribed to me and a signed headshot. She's been ten times busier since then, so realistically, that's going to be it.

She has always signed her own autographs, though. There was a stamp saying "xKK" or something like it at some stage, but we got really annoyed about that on here and it seems to have disappeared. Sometimes, when the pile of fanmail gets too much, letters are returned to the sender, so that people will at least have their magazine clippings back.

I know you weren't suggesting that she should always reply, but that's how the discussion started out on the previous page, so I just wanted to make my standpoint a bit more clear.

As for optimism - I'm more of a realist. I've been a 'fan' (I use the term loosely - what started out as fandom has transformed into just liking this place and not giving particularly much about Keira anymore) since 2003, and I've witnessed a lot of fanmail threads, questions and posts about 'replies' on the way. She's never written replies, not even at the very beginning when Keira was just a well-kept secret of the people on KKW. I think it's highly unlikely she'll start now that she's so busy. She might read some of the letters that her agent passes on to her, but we have no real way of knowing that. I think that's about as optimistic as we should be.

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You seem to know a lot about Keira and how she spends her time, is there something you're not telling us?
Wouldn't you like to know...
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