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Originally Posted by Joly View Post
I thought she wasn't filming at the moment.

Then tell her something about yourself.

If I was as famous/successful as Keira, I'd probably try to reply to as many as I could.
I don't think she is filming at the moment, but she's probably using that time off to catch up with people she hasn't seen for months. It's a busy life, movies and promotions are all-consuming, and they don't leave a lot of room for anything else. When you get home from work or school, do you immediately dive into another job? Do you work every waking hour? Because that's what it would be like, if Keira tried to reply to all fanmail.

She signs magazine clippings that are sent to her, and sometimes there's a signed agency head shot included as well. I think that's pretty good effort from someone who takes on as many roles as she does. She can't possibly have enough time to send everyone a personalised letter. That's just how it is. There'd be no end to the job. She'd no longer be an actor, she'd be a fanmail reply-er.

Even if you did tell her something about yourself, like your hobbies and your age and where you live, what on earth would Keira have to say about that? How would you reply to a letter of random facts about someone you don't know?

She signs autographs, as many as possible, probably. I think that's pretty cool already. Let's not expect too much, shall we?
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