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Originally Posted by Leonie View Post
Why should she take time out of her life to answer every fan letter she receives? What would she need to share with you? If you write to her, you write to her because you have something to tell her and that's good enough. A reply in any form is a bonus. If you're only writing to get a reply, and sooking because you realise you probably won't get one, that's pretty selfish, isn't it? Who are you that Keira should think you so important she needs to send you a reply? You know more about her than she'll ever know about you, and that's probably a good thing. She's got nothing to say to you. Deal with it.
I think its obvious why she should take time out of her life to respond , if she didnt she wouldnt be wear she was now , i agree its natural ability thats makes her such a good actress but without the support of the human race nobody if nothing me point proved with micheal jackson , people use to love him and he was very popluar and when the public dosent like him look what happens, hes in debt and has to sell his house , so i think i justified myself.
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