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Originally Posted by TBird View Post
Well, first of all I have to say I like the song ! However, I have to mention a few things about the quality of the recording. Today, even if recording a demo song the standard is higher. So I would recommend:

1. Cut the first 15 seconds. Even when publishing an mp3 demo nobody wants to hear you guys talking before the song starts (except its intentional).

2. Get a multitrack soundcard for your computer and at least one good good mic for each instrument (in a perfect world you would have a mic for each drum of the drumset, but thats probably too expensive). Alternatively record the guitars/bass directly in the computer and put them through the appropriate software plugin.

3. If you don't know how to do it already get some basic mixing/mastering knowledge (or get a friend who who can do this ).

4. Look for a good singer (preferrably some good looking girl ). Your song would benefit from vocals.
1. Haha, you're definitely right. I kept the original part because I don't know how to edit it out from the program I used to record. It was fun the first few times listening through, but the novelty wore off quick. If this was a f'real demo it would certainly be cut.

2. That's some good advice. I don't have the money for that as just a hobbyist, but if we ever get more interesting in cutting some professional tracks, we would mic everything.

3. I have no idea how to mix. We were actually using "Guitar Tracks" program, with a $70 mic sitting in the middle of the room we were playing in. Heh, I'd leave the mixing to the pros, even if I had the money.

4. This is a good idea. I was planning on singing perhaps, but I've written a few vocal ideas for that song.

Thanks for the feedback, TBird. I appreciate it.

And thanks Ren. You're, as I've said before, the raddest tomato in the garden.
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