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The downside of being a superstar is that you give up privacy. The fortune comes with the fame. Every move is watched. You can't go to dinner without being watched and photographed. Of course, if you crave privacy, you can afford to jet off to some ultra-exclusive resort where the paparazzi is kept away. For most of us, craving privacy means locking ourselves in the bathroom with a book.

It is a double edged sword, but there's very few situations in life that aren't. Once famous, a lot of stars long for the days when they could sit down to a meal in a restaurant without having to sign autographs. But then, I doubt they'd also be willing to give up their Beverly Hills mansions and fleet of fine automobiles.

What I can't understand are the people who simply crave stardom. I can't imagine why any of these reality television idiots would want that kind of attention. Further, I can't imagine why normal people would have any interest whatsoever in what the chick from the first Bachelorette is doing now anyway, yet I hear her name every so often. If you're going to idolize someone, at least make it someone with a shred of talent.

I think Keira deals with stardom pretty well. There are those who do and those who don't, and it seems like it's the ones who really crave the limelight and put themselves into paparazzi feeding frenzies on a regular basis who don't. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are a good example. Yes, you see pictures of them out and about, but I never get the feeling that they court the attention. Britney Spears, on the other hand, seems to require food, water, oxygen and a phalanx of paparazzi on all sides (not necessarily in that order) to survive.

It must be disturbing to read and hear the things written and said about you in the media, but the key is to let it roll off like water on a duck's (a real duck's...not our fearless leader's) back. Sue if you must, but don't make too big a deal out of it because the public has a short attention span and there's always some maladjusted person named Lindsay or Britney doing something outrageous to get your name out of the headlines.

I imagine it's very difficult for stars to make friends because of exactly what you pointed out. Look at all the "friends" of celebrities who go on these entertainment shows and sell their "insider" stories to the highest bidder. Of course, this isn't limited only to celebrities in the entertainment field, but is as bad or worse in the world of sports. Here in the States, leagues are filled with players who are put at risk by people they thought they could trust. It comes down to taking a hard look at the people you associate with. You may not know this name, but there is an American football player named Ray Lewis. Back in 2000, during the week prior to the Super Bowl, he and some members of his entourage (made up from his homeboys that he had grown up with) got into an altercation and two people wound up dead. He nearly went to prison because of it, and I honestly thought he should. However, once he had a chance to step back and examine these people who were basically riding on the coattails of his athletic ability, he purged them from his life. And now, Ray Lewis is a model citizen. It comes down to hard decisions and trust. He examined his relationships with these people and those who were just there for their own aggrandizement were jettisoned.

Celebrities have to be so much more wary of this because they have such a high profile. Look at all of the assistants that have sold stories about Britney to the media. Check out the photos of Lindsay Lohan in her underwear, that if memory serves, were sold to the media by a disgruntled ex-bodyguard. It's sad to see this trust betrayed, but then most of the celebrities who wind up in these situations bring it on themselves.

The media should back off, but they won't. Revenue comes from advertising and advertisers want the maximum amount of exposure, so Britney doing something crazy is always going to be a priority for the media to cover. It sells because we're all human, and no matter how much we deny it, we'll always peek out of the corner of our eye at the wreck. Each of these shows and magazines are desperate to get the big story first, so the attention is greater. Keira has seemed to deal with this pretty well simply by avoiding the mistakes that a lot of her contemporaries haven't. We don't see pictures of her vagina when getting out of the car. We don't see pictures of her humping random guys on sofas in Italy. And thus, the paparazzi, like the sharks they are, swim to more target rich environments to find the salacious bits that the public craves.

As for dealing with the media, I think celebrities just need to realize that they are being watched and therefore should behave with a bit of decorum. I've read that many will strike a bargain with the paparazzi and give them a few moments to snap their pictures and then go about their business. Likewise, I would imagine this sort of thing is policed by the paparazzi themselves in order to ensure continued access to that celebrity.
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