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Originally Posted by TBird View Post
Do you feel it is a great thing being a celebrity or do you believe the price one has to pay may be high ?

it depends on the person - keira seems to be handling it well and maintaining a certain amount of grace. people like britney spears and lindsay lohan aren't.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing against being a fan of Keira, she sure is a charming girl from what I've seen - but don't you think that this type of fan “I need to find out where she lives and meet her there” is rather annoying to a celebrity ?

probably. then you get stories about actresses who were murdered by fan-stalkers and people like Charles Manson. not exactly the most comforting of thoughts, to say the least.

Last but not least, I wonder how you get to know people that are really interested in you and not just because of your status as a famous actress. It’s probably nice the first fifty times, but then I could imagine it’s starting to bother you if every stranger asks you “Hey, aren’t you the actress from [insert movie here] ?”.

meeting people who are interested in you and not your status is a fact of life - and its your choice (as the star). You meet someone who treats you normally, try and hangout with them a little, see if it changes. or hang out with others star - hopefully ones you can be normal with. or just stick to your childhood friends who have known you so long, itd be ridiculous to think of you as a superstar.

Anyway, what do you think ? How would you deal with popularity if you were a star ? Should the media back off a little to allow some privacy or is it allright the way it is ? Do you think being a celebrity in general is a double-edged sword ?
i dont think i'd handle it very well, im open about a lot of things, but very private about others. as a star, they technically dont have a right to complain about the paparazzi and all the tabloids because we, the people, pay to read them, and we also pay to watch them on screen. if we weren't here they would be working at like a McDonald's or some office somewhere. But there is such a thing as too far - jumping on a celebrity's car is just wrong. i think it's more like a delicious custard donut - with a slightly sour custard. depending on how well you can deal with the paparazzi determines how good your custard tastes. (can you tell that i didn't get much to eat this morning? ^_^)
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