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Is there a downside of being a superstar ?

Hi everyone

I just finished watching the POTC - Trilogy (had not seen it yet). Since I found the movie to be much more entertaining than I had expected, I checked the internet for additional information on the main actors thereby discovering KKW here.

Now after reading through the forums and the web I found it overwhelming how much news coverage there is available about Keira Knightley. So I decided I would ask some determined fans ;-) that have been following the rise Keira for a longer time what they think about the superstar status Keira has acquired.Do you feel it is a great thing being a celebrity or do you believe the price one has to pay may be high ?

By just reading through three websites, I read rumors about Keira suffering from anorexia, her former boyfriend supposedly trying to commit suicide after breaking up with her, her actual boyfriend doubting her love because she doesn't wear his ring...and so on and so on....I believe I would have a hard time keeping my sanity when had to read stuff like that on a regular basis in the newspaper/internet especially if these stories were untrue.
Added to this, there seem to be people out there that honestly believe she would be the perfect partner, based on her movies and a few interviews (usually reduced to words like “beautiful” and “great actress”).

Don’t get me wrong, nothing against being a fan of Keira, she sure is a charming girl from what I've seen - but don't you think that this type of fan “I need to find out where she lives and meet her there” is rather annoying to a celebrity ?

Last but not least, I wonder how you get to know people that are really interested in you and not just because of your status as a famous actress. It’s probably nice the first fifty times, but then I could imagine it’s starting to bother you if every stranger asks you “Hey, aren’t you the actress from [insert movie here] ?”.

Maybe that sounds too negative, because on the other hand she's making lots of money and has the possibility to work in big movie projects and meet other interesting people. But recently you could read quite a bit about younger celebrities ending up in rehab because of some kind of drug abuse or in the worst case even death like Heath Ledger, so I guess it’s probably not a piece of cake to deal with fame...

Anyway, what do you think ? How would you deal with popularity if you were a star ? Should the media back off a little to allow some privacy or is it allright the way it is ? Do you think being a celebrity in general is a double-edged sword ?
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