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This ehm... This was my local DIY store.

Started 20 minutes before closing time, and well and truly wrecked the place in about an hour. There's a garden center on the left side, which miraculously didn't also catch fire. The firies did a great job. The wall separating the two was designed to keep fire out, but apparently they're only supposed to last about an hour (and this went on all night). Lucky.

There are rumours that it may have been arson, since the fire started in the terpentine/paints isle. Thankfully the few customers that were there and the ten people at work there made it out safely.

There are some awfully good jokes going around too. "The fire brigade didn't want to come out first, since it was a DIY fire" made me laugh. The store also had a promotion on with the slogan "become our DIY champion." In Dutch, "DIY champion" translates to "klus kampioen." The Dutch word for putting out a fire is "blussen," so they're now looking for their very own "blus kampioen." Ahh, puns.
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