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Originally Posted by Jacoby View Post
This next song I am very proud of.

It's not of best recording quality, because it was recorded with a computer mic, but it's alright. Unfortunately we couldn't play with the levels of each instrument.

Check it out, it's me on guitar until halfway through when my friend Ed joins as lead guitar. My homeslice Brandon bass. And Bennett on drums. And he's a very good drummer so the track sounds much more official!

Afterwards, come to this thread and tell me what you thought. Good or bad. Fer serious, I'd like the feedback!

Oh, and for some reason it cut out the last 5 seconds. We end on a long A and a cymbal crash.

Well, first of all I have to say I like the song ! However, I have to mention a few things about the quality of the recording. Today, even if recording a demo song the standard is higher. So I would recommend:

1. Cut the first 15 seconds. Even when publishing an mp3 demo nobody wants to hear you guys talking before the song starts (except its intentional).

2. Get a multitrack soundcard for your computer and at least one good good mic for each instrument (in a perfect world you would have a mic for each drum of the drumset, but thats probably too expensive). Alternatively record the guitars/bass directly in the computer and put them through the appropriate software plugin.

3. If you don't know how to do it already get some basic mixing/mastering knowledge (or get a friend who who can do this ).

4. Look for a good singer (preferrably some good looking girl ). Your song would benefit from vocals.
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